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new year, same you

The person you are on December 31st is the same person you are on January 1st. You might have new goals you’d like to accomplish, but you are still you… and that’s a good thing!

We think being reasonable and kind to yourself is important while trying to implement change. At this time of year, we are all kind of bombarded with people/media telling us what a good body is, what we need to change, and how much hard work we need to do, and we see intense diets, workouts, and lifestyle changes being promoted.

You’re still going to have “off days” in 2021. You’re still going to love your favourite foods in 2021. You’re going to have times of both high motivation and low motivation and energy. That will always be normal. So if we’re craving change (and it’s fine if you’re not!!), how can we find that change and growth in a positive and reasonable way?

We care about this subject a lot but obviously we are Pilates experts, not mindset coaches or nutritionists. So during this month, we have arranged conversations through Instagram Live with a couple of lovely experts who will answer some questions about creating positive shifts in our lives (both with our eating and our general outlook) while still being kind to ourselves.

We think that will be a real treat and hope you stay tuned for that. We will share the dates and times of those Lives soon! 🤍 We will be happy to share the videos with you once they've been published.

Here's to a healthy, happy January!


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