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About Our Studio

Our little studio is made up of two Pilates teachers (Nadea and Mykaela) who are passionate about empowering bodies through exercise that is high-quality, personalized, encouraging, and effective. Our classes are open to humans of all shapes, sizes and ages, and we do our best to nurture a "body neutral" environment in all our classes and on social media. We care so much more about how you feel rather than how you look, and we want you to leave our classes feeling strong and ready for anything!

While our studio does offer small four-person mat classes a nine times per week, we aren’t a typical “group fitness” studio in that our primary focus is 1:1 individualized training, where we work with our clients to build a specialized and progressive movement program that is specifically tailored to help them achieve their goals and meet their bodies’ individual needs.


The majority of our clients are people who come into our studio on a regular basis (sometimes multiple times a week, sometimes twice a month), and our group classes are mostly designed as a supplement to our clients’ existing consistent personal Pilates practices. Because we're able to really develop meaningful relationships with our clients and get to know their bodies' unique needs, we are really able to do our best to help people have an optimal movement experience and help them to see the optimal amount of progress toward their goals.


See our page Private Sessions for more info.

We offer weekly live online group classes that are open to anyone in Canada. Our group classes are offered through Zoom, so you’re not just following along to a video or stream. We attentively watch and guide our students and keep our class sizes small so that we can make sure to give everyone personal attention and useful feedback.


You can find out more about Nadea and Mykaela's trainings, qualifications, and teaching styles on this page.

Living in the northwest of Canada, there is so much to explore. Many of our clients are outdoor enthusiasts, so we have a particular fondness for folks who want help feeling their best in order to get out and adventure and make the most of life! We really look forward to forging meaningful connections with people and would love to have you join us.

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