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Private Pilates Sessions

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Why do private sessions?
Your body is unique, and your Pilates workout should be as unique as you are!


Private sessions are the most effective way for you to reach your movement and exercise goals! As your coaches and instructors, we're deeply invested in supporting you in making meaningful progress when it comes to getting where you want to go with your body, movement, exercise, and wellness goals.

Private sessions allow your teacher to give you targeted programming and meaningful feedback that is personalized to YOU. The Pilates method is designed to be a comprehensive and progressive system of exercises that is way beyond just the matwork, and often pieces of the apparatus can be the missing links in unlocking the next level of your practice.


While we love the traditional matwork and it's super important, if you're only doing general group matwork, you're selling yourself short!


Unlike a group class where your teacher is programming and pacing the class based on the group in general and where you have to share their attention with others in your class, in a private session, it's just about what YOU need. No more getting stuck or feeling lost or frustrated; no more feeling like you've hit a plateau; no more wondering "Where should I be feeling this?" or "Am I doing this right?"; no more having to sit out certain generic exercises that aren't a good fit for you... Because the whole class is about what YOU need! You'll have a-ha moments where everything comes together, and you'll be able to do versions of the exercises that are a perfect fit for what your body needs right now.

Private sessions can be particularly constructive and valuable if you're managing any wonky bits, unique conditions, or pain points or injuries. They can also be awesome for people who are looking to cross-train to complement their athletic endeavours, whether you're a gym enthusiast, a runner, a curler, a rock climber, an avid outdoorsperson, or anything else!

Even if you enjoy doing group sessions, it can be incredibly helpful to take regular occasional one-on-one sessions so that you can improve your matwork practice and continue to progress.

Ok, let’s work together!

We offer a variety of options for private sessions!

You can set up a session online or in person. You are welcome to book a single session or set up a package of sessions for you to use within 6 months. You can set up a session every week, once or twice a month, or save them for whenever you feel you need them.

Private Pilates sessions are available for 60-minute, 45-minute, or 30-minute (tune up) sessions.

Included with your private session is a complementary personalized home program delivered to you via Physitrack, with accompanying videos and directions.

Questions or feeling unsure? Why not send us a message and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions. We can send you an invitation to set up a free consultation with us if that would be helpful to you! We're happy to help and there's zero pressure to commit to anything!

Are private sessions a bit out of your budget?

You may like checking out our Community Class option!

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