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Private Pilates Sessions

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Your body is unique, and your Pilates workout should be as unique as you are!

Private sessions are the most effective way for you to reach your movement and exercise goals! They allow your teacher to give you targeted programming and meaningful feedback that is personalized to YOU, your goals, and your body's unique needs.


The Pilates method is designed to be a comprehensive and progressive system of exercises that is way beyond just the matwork, and often using other traditional Pilates equipment in the studio can be the missing links in unlocking the next level of your practice.

You can do private sessions online or in the studio.


You are welcome to book a single session or you can set up a package of sessions for you to use within 6 months, and you can book as frequently as you like.

Included with your private session is a complementary personalized home program delivered to you via Physitrack, with accompanying videos and directions.

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Studio Private Sessions

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New Client Intake

(45 minutes)


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1:1 Session

45 minutes (standard) - $85

30 minutes - $65

60 minutes - $110

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(45 minutes)

$55 per person

Online Private Sessions


Online New Client Intake

(45 minutes)



Online 1:1 Session

45 minutes (standard) - $65

30 minutes - $50

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