“Mykaela and Nadea really know what they’re talking about! It’s clear they both have a passion for Pilates. They’re also very kind and open so you feel really comfortable being taught by them.”

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“Mykaela’s classes are not necessarily the most physically challenging that I’ve ever taken, but they’re some of the most mentally challenging. She really makes you think deeply about what your body is doing.”

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“I really enjoy Nadea's classes and her open and friendly teaching style.”


“Mykaela’s class made me feel really safe but at the same time, really challenged.”


“Nadea and Mykaela made everyone feel comfortable and made the exercises easy to follow and easier to understand the principles.”

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“The class I just took with Nadea was one of the most challenging, but most importantly, skillfully taught, that I have taken.”


"I've been finding that I have better posture and it's less of a chore to sit up straight. It's like my body hates slouching now!"


"Pilates makes me understand my body in a way that I haven't achieved with any other form of exercise."

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"I've been trying to breathe better and... with those stretches you figured out, I didn't need any painkillers afterward at all. It has been a week! Thank you so much!"

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"Ugh my back feels soooooo gooooooooddd!"

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"I feel challenged and excited about Pilates again! (Nadea's) prompts and visuals add new spins on the moves to get in deeper and reach farther than I thought I could. I love it."

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"The class I just took was really great, but hard! You guys must have more strength than weight lifters! The muscles that we are using, I didn't even know existed! And even though they feel like wet noodles, it still feels really good!"

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"I like Nadea's teaching style and she easily modifies for all competencies and ages."


"I am really enjoying the Sunshine Pilates class on Monday mornings. I got a chance to have each of you (Mykaela and Nadea) teach a class and you both are amazing instructors! I've taken a couple "Pilates" classes before through a rec center and this feels completely different in the best way."


"Thank goodness for you and your wonderful classes this year -- it's been so important for keeping things steady, keeping my body moving, and staying connected."


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