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Whitehorse, Yukon

I'm a certified Pilates instructor in Whitehorse, Yukon.


I'm passionate about Pilates, and while I hold a contemporary certification with STOTT, I deeply appreciate the value of the classical Pilates method and try to honour Joe's method as much as possible. I love using Pilates to help people connect to their bodies and movement, and I believe in its power  as a physical healing method. I see Pilates as a complete system of exercises, put together to help your body feel its best and work at its fullest potential, and I enjoy assembling the parts of the system that are going to work best for your body’s needs. I regularly supplement my contemporary Pilates certification with additional training in the classical Pilates method.

I enjoy working hard and being challenged, but I also value being comfortable in my own skin and having a sense of humour when things are difficult or less than perfect, and I reflect that balance when I’m teaching my classes and working one-on-one. To me, a movement practice is not just about your physical efforts, but it's also about your total health and well-being (mind, body, spirit). I believe that Pilates is for everyone and anyone, and I welcome students of all backgrounds and ability levels. To me, an effective workout can mean something different for every one — so if you’re wanting to move and work out in a way that helps you kindly connect with your body, or manage your pain, or rebuild your movement practice, or if you’re looking for a faster-paced sweaty challenge that you’ll feel tomorrow or to crosstrain to supplement your athletic endeavours, I’m ready for you! You can expect my classes to be thoughtful, logical (but lighthearted), appropriately challenging, grounding, and fun.


I constantly update and expand my education and certification to offer my best to my clients.

My training, courses, study, workshops, and continuing education include (to date):

  • Full-body stretch (reformer and mat)

  • Oov work

  • Total Barre

  • YogaFit Level 1 training

  • Pre- and postnatal Pilates-specific specialization (Stott Pilates; Boditree Pilates and Healing; Lynda Lippin)

  • Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist (Core Exercise Solutions, Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, PT, DPT, CPT)

  • Flexion-free Pilates (Stott)

  • Pedipole, spine corrector, and foot corrector certification (personally trained through Boditree Pilates and Healing; Lynda Lippin)

  • Boditree releasework (levels 1 and 2)

  • Lynda Lippin Pilates Teacher Mastermind Workshops: Pilates Modifications for Osteoporosis; Osteoporosis Modifications on Apparatus; Common Causes of Lower Back Pain with Mat Modifications; Lower Back Pain Appararatus Modifications; Motor Learning Principles for Pilates Teachers with Greg Youdan; Pilates for Neurological Disorders with Greg Youdan; Beginner System Reformer and Mat; Breathing in the Pilates System; Apparatus Variations for Kyphosis, Forward Head, and Scoliosis

  • Anti-Racism for Wellness Professionals led by Chrissy King

  • Anti-Racism & Allyship for Rehab and Movement Professionals led by Dr. Jpop/Jennifer Hutton PT, DPT

  • Wellness for All workshop led by EbonyJanice Moore

  • Making Space (Simple strategies for creating welcoming movement offerings) with Jo Gale

  • Supporting Autistic Mental Health in the Workplace with Exploring the Spectrum

  • Polyvagal Theory: Managing Anxiety, Trauma & Autism (Wale Oladipo/MindBody Breakthrough)

  • How to Serve Muslim Clients (Cultural Safety & Responsiveness Workshop) with NISA Learning


If you have any questions about these trainings or workshops and how they influence my approach to movement education or my work as a studio owner, please don't hesitate to ask!

I regularly expand my training and education to teach individuals within special populations or specific demographics, such as individuals with spinal conditions, neurological conditions, emotional sensitivities, and more. I'm proud to receive client referrals from medical doctors, physiotherapists, and other professionals and I'm committed to offering a high-quality, thoughtful, and safe movement experience for my clients, but I also have the modesty and good judgement to refer any cases not within my scope of practice as a movement and exercise instructor to other health and wellness professionals within my clients' communities.


When I'm not teaching Pilates, I'm usually enjoying the outdoors with my husband, our two dogs, Juniper and Cedar, and my kitty, Mulberry. I love being outside and going camping, hiking, and exploring the wilderness around us.



Whitehorse, YT

I am a STOTT- and Stretch Collective-certified Pilates instructor, born and raised in Whitehorse, Yukon. I lived and taught Pilates in Victoria on Vancouver Island, BC for a number of years, and I've now moved back to the Yukon. I value movement education and sharing Pilates’ power to improve posture, stability, and balance in the body, and I believe that understanding your own body and practising how to move with control is one of the most empowering things a person can do.

Because I feel strongly about wellness being attainable for any person, no matter their background, appearance or fitness level, I strive to maintain a very down-to-earth and welcoming atmosphere in my classes. I fuse my contemporary training with my respect and appreciation for classic Pilates – so you can expect a class with a fairly traditional framework while adding in some props, stretches, and fun variations.

I was certified by STOTT in 2012 to teach mat Pilates, and was certified to teach Reformer and Springboard Pilates at the beginning of 2020 through Stretch Collective. I have now been teaching Pilates for over 10 years!

Outside of teaching, I am a nature lover and I enjoy spending time outdoors as well as pursuing artistic and creative endeavours -- my favourite being photography. I also love just being cozy at home, reading and hanging out with my two kitties, Fig and Mr. Raincloud.

Join me for a thoughtful, and (appropriately) challenging Pilates practice that will leave you feeling strong, limber, and more in tune with your body.


Jinnice Sebastian

Victoria, BC

I am Root + Reach's administrative support human! I'm also starting my apprenticeship to teach restorative movement and Pilates with Root + Reach.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming online Kind Movement and breath work classes!

My trainings and qualifications include:

  • YogaFit Level 1

  • Breath work (with Jessica Fleming)

  • Sound therapy

  • Raindrop therapy

  • Aromatherapy

  • Root + Reach apprenticeship training - ongoing

I was born and raised on Vancouver Island, and I live in Victoria. I love the ocean, old movies and taking walks on the beach. I love people and taking care of others. I am very interested in hollistic wellness, and I am trained in raindrop therapy and aromatherapy. I am also a photographer and I've taken photos for Root + Reach. When I'm not in the office, you might find me exploring the island while drinking a warm London Fog and listening to my favourite music or being cozy at home with my husband, our two kitties, and our little guinea pigs .

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