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Updates + Announcements

April 15, 2024

Policy re: No-Shows to Group Classes

If you need to miss your group mat class (online or in person), please let us know.

Your teachers plan your group class based on the needs of the everyone scheduled to attend, and we also prepare our studio space, props, and virtual audio/video set up anticipating that you will be coming to class.

We appreciate having as much notice as possible if you won’t be able to make your appointment (since we may be able to find a substitute if we have enough time), but we also appreciate any communication you can give us, even if it’s just a quick text message shortly before your appointment time.

Our studio team has decided to implement a new policy where, after 3 no-shows, you will not be invited to preregister for future group classes. If you find yourself no-showing multiple appointments, you may want to consider using a drop in option (when available) where you can cancel appointments with 24 hours’ notice.

Please feel welcome to let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to seeing you in class.

April 4, 2024

Payments and Card Retention

As a small business, we prefer to be friendly, reasonable, and flexible with our clients when it comes to the matter of payment, and we know that things can get hectic, finances can get tight, and to-do lists can get long. We've all been there!


Unfortunately, we’ve had an increase in the amount of non-payment incidences, which is stressful and unfair to our instructors, whose primary employment is teaching Pilates at the studio. For that reason, we now require advance payment for new client intake appointments and drop-in bookings, and we require having a valid card on file with your account.

Please expect that we will charge for your appointments within 48 hours of your appointment. If your payment does not go through, we will provide an opportunity for you to settle your account, but we will put upcoming bookings on hold until your account is balanced.


If you want to set up a package, it is your responsibility to set it up before your appointment; we will not hold off on charging for appointments until you decide to set up your package and we will not retroactively apply a package code to past appointments.

E-transfers (for appointments, group class preregistration, packages, and membership payments) can be arranged on request, but we require payment before the services can be used/accessed.

For preregistration for studio mat classes, we require full payment 1 week before the class start date so as to lock in your spot. Failure to pay will result in the loss of your spot.

March 19, 2024

Discontinuation of Aspen membership and community 1:1 classes


We are no longer offering Aspen memberships, and we will no longer be offering community class 1:1s online or in person.


February 23, 2024

Adjustments to Online Group Class Preregistration


Our online group classes have existed for longer than our physical studio has, and they feel like a Root + Reach institution at this point. We'd like to extend a huge shout-out to the friends who have been doing our online group classes since the beginning and who have stuck with us for the last number of years... We love you and you absolutely rock!


As our studio has grown and developed, our online classes have become blended with in-person classes.


We run our in-studio group classes by the session/semester (6-8 week period), so that the people who are preregistered are able to get high-quality individualized support and progressively reach their movement goals week by week, and so that our instructors have a reliable, consistent schedule.


We'd officially like to transition our online group classes to match the in-person ones, and we'll now be running the online group classes by session/semester as well (two months combined, instead of the former month-by-month arrangement). We feel this aligns best with our priorities as your instructors, and it's more consistent and less confusing.


We still intend to keep the rates lower for online classes (that's just what we're comfortable with), and at this point we still intend to offer a preregistration discount for online classes.


Just like in our in-person classes, once the session is underway, drop in for online group classes will be available to (a) current clients (active within the last 6 months), (b) clients who have done at least one 1:1 assessment, and/or (c) newcomers who have been specifically invited by the instructor.

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