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Frequently asked questions

I'm new! Where do I start?

What is Pilates? We have a page all about that under our "About Us" heading. Originally called “Contrology”, the Pilates method was developed by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) as a system of exercises that focus on finding symmetry and good postural alignment in the body, as well as increasing your overall strength, body awareness, flexibility, mobility, and functionality. It is known for being a great system to help increase core strength, but it is truly a total body workout.

Do I need to bring anything for class? For in person classes, no. We've got you covered for everything from mats to water to masks (if you choose). You can just show up! We have two change rooms/washrooms (no showers) and a place to put your coat and belongings. For online classes, all you really need is you, an internet connection, a device that has a working camera and microphone, and enough space on the floor that you could make a snow angel without hitting something by accident. ​ Beyond that, sometimes we will suggest having props on hand to make the class feel better for your body or to add some support or to make a class more fun. However, we always choose things that you can find around your own home. So if you don't have things like bands, bolsters, or weights, no worries! We're very happy to make do with things that are easy to find around your house like hand towels, pillows, folded blankets, scarves, cans of beans, etc! The evening before or morning of your class, we'll send out an email with your Zoom login along with a list of any props you may need for the class. You are always welcome to get in touch if you have a question about a certain prop or replacement, or if you want to let us know that you just don't have anything that works -- we're happy to adapt and accommodate!

What should I wear to my Pilates class? Generally, we recommend wearing whatever you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed in. We do recommend wearing clothes that are not too stiff or restrictive, so jeans tend to not work well. Sometimes it is helpful for us as your teachers to be able to clearly see what your body is doing, so wearing things like leggings or traditional sports clothing can be helpful for that reason; however, it's most important to us that you feel peaceful and not distracted by what you're wearing -- so if you want to show up in your PJs, in a loose t-shirt, or baggy sweat pants, you do you! Please avoid wearing clothes with zippers or buttons to your studio appointments, because they often tear and scratch our mats and vinyl. Same goes for jewellery and earrings. Sometimes toe nail polish, thick lotion, heavy make up, and tanner can also damage our mats and equipment, so please consider that. You do not need to wear shoes for Pilates, and we don't require you to wear special socks unless you want to. At this point, we don't have a "dress code" per se, but we're all about body confidence and if you'd like to work out in a crop top and short shorts, go for it -- especially when you're joining us from home. For online classes, we do recommend having your camera on so that your teacher can see you and give you helpful feedback and keep so safe. So keeping that in mind, we do want to keep things PG in our group classes and while online cameras are on -- so as long as you can keep the NSFW bits covered up and be respectful of the other folks who might be joining your class with you, that's fabulous! What you do when the camera is off it totally up to you. For our studio classes, we have two change rooms available for use before and after your workout. We aren't a scent-free space by default, so if you want to wear perfume or scented products for your 1:1 session, that's all right with us. If you are scent-sensitive, let us know and we'll make sure to avoid triggering products or essential oils, and we can do our best to keep the room fresh and neutral for you. We're also happy to ask a group class to accomodate any sensitivities. Please be aware that we do use sanitizer and cleaners in our studio that have bleach and dish soap as ingredients. If you have long hair, you will probably appreciate having a hair tie so that your hair doesn't catch in the equipment. If you forget yours, we usually keep a fresh jar of them on hand.

I'm a returning client... Do I have to fill in the health and waiver form every time? No, you don't! ​ The first time you book yourself into a class, you will have to fill out the comprehensive form and then confirm your class. On the confirmation page, you will see the option to create an account and save your information. You'll be asked to create an email/password combination.   Then, for future bookings, you can log in and access your saved information. Up at the top right of the Acuity booking window, there are the words "Returning? Log in." By signing in, Acuity will remember your booking profile from before, and everything will be saved. Easy! ​ Having an account with saved information also means that you can adjust and update your health information at any time if your health changes or if your circumstances change.

I feel super awkward about having my camera on. Do I have to? We totally get that! You're not alone with wanting to maintain your privacy, and we want you to feel safe and secure in our classes. That said, as teachers, we really do appreciate being able to see you so that we can give you specific helpful tips and help you have the most meaningful workout possible. We also want to make sure that you're moving safely. If you're feeling self-conscious or apprehensive about having strangers seeing you, you may find it helpful to consider: - We request that folks keep their Zoom program set to "speaker mode", where the teacher's screen is highlighted, and not have it set to "gallery mode" where everyone is visible. We want folks to be able to focus on their own workouts without being distracted by whatever other people are doing. We never record classes to share later, either privately or on social media. ​ - Our classes are kept small (usually only 5 people at a time) and everyone joining has the same goal as you do -- to have a fun, friendly workout in an environment that is safe and positive. Everyone joining is supportive and kind, and (most, if not all) folks want their own privacy respected as well. - If you're feeling stressed and vulnerable, and if you don't want any public attention called to you at any point during a class, you can alert us to that on your registration and health form by letting us know that you may appreciate certain considerations or accommodations. We're happy to help however we can! ​- You may like setting up a short Zoom consultation/connection with either Mykaela or Nadea to ask questions and get a little more familiar with us, share your story, and get comfy with your Zoom setup before booking a class. We're happy to set that up with you!

How do I use my package or coupon? How do I check its status?

Will your classes help me lose weight? While Pilates is excellent for building strength, flexibility, and body connection, it is not an effective weight-loss method. Plenty of very strong and fit humans who have longstanding and robust Pilates practices are in larger bodies, including our studio instructors. Root + Reach Pilates is specifically a body and weight-neutral studio. We focus on how our bodies feel, not on how they look or what size they are. We believe that taking care of yourself, challenging yourself, nourishing yourself, and enjoying your life don’t need to be linked with your appearance or body size at all. We believe you can be healthy, happy, and strong no matter what body you’re in. If weight loss is your primary goal and if you want a coach who is going to hype you up with that specifically, Pilates classes at Root + Reach are not going to be helpful in that regard. If nourishing your zest for life and helping your body feel strong, capable, comfortable, and connected — regardless of what you look like — are primary motivators for you, then we’re the right studio for you!

Can I bring my baby, toddler, or child with me to my appointment? Babies are very welcome in our studio for our postnatal appointments! Our studio is quiet, comfortable, and private, and a relaxing environment to feed and care for your little one. We have an automated bouncy chair and a playmat with mobiles available to use. They are fully sanitized between uses. Toddlers are also welcome to join you for appointments -- we have books and stuffies available to play with, and a comfortable couch to sit on or a mat for the floor. We appreciate having some notice in order to prepare if there is going to be another little human joining you for your appointment, so if you're able to give us a heads up, please do! Because our studio space is too small to accommodate too many humans at once, we can't accommodate bringing a baby or another person (of any age) to wait for you while you're attending a general group mat class, sorry! If we are teaching a postnatal group mat class, we will make sure to clearly communicate with you as to whether little humans can be added to the guest list.

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