Frequently asked questions

I'm looking for in-person classes, not virtual ones. Help?

In-person Whitehorse classes are now bookable through this website -- just select from the In-Person, Whitehorse, YT options!

Classes in Victoria are currently limited due to COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, but Mykaela is available for home sessions and for some classes through Stretch Collective. You can find everything you need on our booking page!


How do the Community Classes and sliding scale payment options work?

We believe that movement and self-care should be accessible to as many people as possible no matter what their circumstances are, and we're here to serve our communities. With that in mind, a few times a month, we offer "Community Classes", where folks can join for free or pay by voluntary donation. All proceeds from these classes go to a local charity.

We don't ask any questions about your circumstances or what you choose donate or if you choose to come for free... We're just happy to have you!

If you have a request for a community class, please get in touch! We are here to serve you, and we love providing classes that are helpful to what you need right now.


How much do virtual classes cost? Do you offer packages and discount codes?

You can find this information on our Rates and Packages page.


How does preregistration work?

Preregistration means that you're committing to **all** the offerings of a certain class within a month by prepaying for your space, receiving a 15% discount off the drop-in price. This means your space is locked in and you can't cancel your class or carry your class over to the next month, but if something comes up and you can't make it to your class, you have the option of doing an alternative make up session within the same month if you give us a heads up.

This option works great for folks who have a regular schedule and like keeping up with a consistent Pilates practice. If you like having more freedom with your appointments or if you find that it's hard to predict how your month is going to go, a punch pass is probably a better option for your situation.

If your teacher has to cancel a class due to emergency or illness, you have the option of joining an alternative make up class, getting a refund for the missed class, or crediting that amount toward future classes.

Preregistration opens the last week of the previous month and closes at the end of the first week of the applicable month. If you would like to preregister, send us an email or a direct message or give us a phone call, and we'll send you an invoice to your email that you can pay via e-transfer or credit card.


Do I need to bring anything for class?

All you really need is you, an internet connection, a device that has a working camera and microphone, and enough space on the floor that you could make a snow angel without hitting something by accident.

Beyond that, sometimes we will suggest having props on hand to make the class feel better for your body or to add some support or to make a class more fun. However, we always choose things that you can find around your own home. So if you don't have things like bands, bolsters, or weights, no worries! We're very happy to make do with things that are easy to find around your house like hand towels, pillows, folded blankets, scarves, cans of beans, etc!

The evening before or morning of your class, we'll send out an email with your Zoom login along with a list of any props you may need for the class. You are always welcome to get in touch if you have a question about a certain prop or replacement, or if you want to let us know that you just don't have anything that works -- we're happy to adapt and accommodate!


What should I wear?

Generally, we recommend wearing whatever you feel comfortable, safe, and relaxed in. Sometimes it is helpful for us as your teachers to be able to clearly see what your body is doing, so wearing things like leggings or traditional sports clothing can be helpful for that reason; however, it's most important to us that you feel peaceful and not distracted by what you're wearing -- so if you want to show up in your jammies, in a loose t-shirt, or baggy sweat pants, you do you!

At this point, we don't have a "dress code" per se, but we're all about body confidence and if you'd like to work out in a crop top and short shorts or in your favourite bikini, go for it! We do recommend having your camera on so that your teacher can see you and give you helpful feedback and keep so safe. So keeping that in mind, we do want to keep the class PG while the cameras are on -- so as long as you can keep the NSFW bits covered up, that's fabulous! What you do when the camera is off it totally up to you.


I'm a returning client... Do I have to fill in the health and waiver form every time?

No, you don't!

The first time you book yourself into a class, you will have to fill out the comprehensive form and then confirm your class. On the confirmation page, you will see the option to create an account and save your information. You'll be asked to create an email/password combination.


Then, for future bookings, you can log in and access your saved information. Up at the top right of the Acuity booking window, there are the words "Returning? Log in." By signing in, Acuity will remember your booking profile from before, and everything will be saved. Easy!

Having an account with saved information also means that you can adjust and update your health information at any time if your health changes or if your circumstances change.

If you would like to see this process depicted with accompanying photos, you can visit this page.


I feel super awkward about having my camera on. Do I have to?

We totally get that! You're not alone with wanting to maintain your privacy, and we want you to feel safe and secure in our classes.

That said, as teachers, we really do appreciate being able to see you so that we can give you specific helpful tips and help you have the most meaningful workout possible. We also want to make sure that you're moving safely. If you're feeling self-conscious or apprehensive about having strangers seeing you, you may find it helpful to consider:

  • We request that folks keep their Zoom program set to "speaker mode", where the teacher's screen is highlighted, and not have it set to "gallery mode" where everyone is visible. We want folks to be able to focus on their own workouts without being distracted by whatever other people are doing.

  • Our classes are kept small (usually only 5 people at a time) and everyone joining has the same goal as you do -- to have a fun, friendly workout in an environment that is safe and positive. Everyone joining is supportive and kind, and (most, if not all) folks want their own privacy respected as well.

  • If you're feeling stressed and vulnerable, and if you don't want any public attention called to you at any point during a class, you can alert us to that on your registration and health form by letting us know that you may appreciate certain considerations or accommodations. We're happy to help however we can!

  • You may like setting up a short Zoom consultation/connection with either Mykaela or Nadea to ask questions and get a little more familiar with us, share your story, and get comfy with your Zoom setup before booking a class. We're happy to set that up with you!

What even is Pilates?

We have a page all about that, which you can find here!


Who are you guys, anyway? What are your qualifications?

Glad you asked! We have more info on the page below, but you can also reach out and ask if you have specific questions or if you want to know if we are up for dealing with a certain condition or special circumstance!


How do I book a duet?


Duets have to be arranged privately and can't be booked on our public calendar since they involve booking two people at once. Usually any appointment time on our calendar that is open for a 60-minute private session can be made into a duet on request.

Please note that our studio does not coordinate arrangements for finding a duet partner for you, so you will need to arrange for a partner for yourself.