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Finding your flow (state)

Have you heard of “flow state” before?

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi is known for creating the concept of “flow”, and it describes when your brain and body are feeling super in tune with each other and when you’re completely absorbed and focussed on what you’re doing. Some people (especially athletes or artists) will describe it as “being in the zone”.

People tend to achieve this state when they’re doing something they enjoy, that they’re skilled at, and that they’re very familiar with.

If you want to achieve FLOW in your Pilates practice, here are some things you can look for during your workout:

1. Be present, grounded, and tuned into your body (and create an environment that supports this)

2. Ritual and repetition will build familiarity, trust, and confidence (This could be a strong motivator for you to become super familiar with the classical Pilates order, so you can transition and flow between one exercise to the next without getting pulled out of the zone)

3. Support your ability to focus (minimize distractions; create a calm environment)

4. Find a balance between doing what you’re already good at while still pushing yourself to try to expand your abilities… That way, your brain and body are enjoying themselves but also engaged and dialled in

Have you ever had a movement session that felt like you entered your flow state — where you weren’t having to think, and you could just be in the moment and enjoy the vibe? If you haven't yet, we hope you do!


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