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"New Year, Still You" - Authentic Goal Setting with Deena Redman

Yesterday we had the chance to chat with holistic health coach Deena Redman (Deena Redman Holistics) about how to set authentic goals and make the best of our fresh new year. It was an encouraging and insightful conversation, and we hope you enjoy!

Photo: Deena Redman

Mykaela: To start with, not everybody is going to know who you are — at least for our followers — so I would love if you told us a little bit about yourself, what kind of work you do, and just a little brief intro.

Deena: Yeah, for sure. So my name is Deena. I am all about health and wellness. I like to consider myself to be a projector. I like to really just dive into the things I love and that I am passionate about, and then find ways to share that with others — and so far, so good. I’ve been able to do that.

So having said that, I work with holistic nutrition as well as advanced sports nutrition. I teach yoga, barre, and Pilates. Right now, I’m in life coaching, which is really bringing me to life. I’m actually gearing my practice more toward that — health coaching, but more of the life coaching, though. I also make malas. I have my hands in a bunch of things and I just like to keep myself busy. But it’s all-around health and wellness.

Mykaela: I think that is so exciting — how you’re doing so much but they all really tie together in a way that suits you really well.

So I just thought that you would be a perfect person to talk to about creating positive shifts in our lives and goal setting, especially around this time of year because so many people are making goals.