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Authentic Pilates

“I’ve done Pilates for years, but I didn’t actually feel the work until I took your class.” We hear this from clients all the time. We love it. But why are our classes different from other classes you may have taken? A surprisingly little-known fact is that Pilates isn’t actually just a bunch of random “core” exercises mixed with Jane Fonda side kicks. But we don’t blame you if you’re confused about that. Joe Pilates was passionate about people having good health, strength, and control, so he created a genius system of very specific movements, often using very specific equipment, that all fit together to help people change their bodies by learning specific skills. These days “Pilates” is a really common thing to see, which is very cool. But the thing is, it’s been watered down A LOT. Almost anybody can get “certified” as a Pilates teacher (even through a weekend online course) but they’re really doing general group fitness, and they might not understand anything about the authentic Pilates method. But the average person on the street isn’t going to know to look deeper. They see “certified teacher” and assume they’re good to go. But authentic Pilates is where the real magic lies. That’s how you actually change your body. You can’t get that if you’re doing a new thigh-burner move every time you come to class or from following along with a YouTube video called “ab blast Pilates”. That’s not what we’re about. Even though we’re contemporary-certified teachers, Root and Reach is dedicated to keeping you consistent and sticking with Joe’s method (informed by modern science and movement study) so you can actually build skills and see measurable results. We want to deepen your connection to the work and to your body. We’re passionate about this. We eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff. THAT’S why our classes get people excited and that’s why people are unlocking their full potential. Did you know that Pilates is a method? Is this a new concept to you? Drop us a comment below and tell us about your Pilates journey!

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