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The Legendary OG 34 (March Matness 2020)

Did you know that Pilates matwork is an actual “thing”? That it’s not just a random bunch of clamshells or sit ups? Joe actually had a very specific sequence of 34 exercises, which is published in his book Return to Life. Eventually, other exercises were added and there were variations created (by him and others), but at the core of the matwork is always the original 34.

If you didn’t know that, you’re not alone. I went to Pilates classes for 10 years and didn’t know that. Also... (Ssssh don’t tell 👀) Return to Life wasn’t actually required reading to pass my contemporary Pilates teaching cert. I didn’t pick up Joe’s book on HIS method until I had been teaching for over a year, and man, did it rock my world! I have been so inspired by the classic method — the exercises, the sequence, the logic, the ingenuity — that it literally changed how I teach and how I practise Pilates. When I actually started doing all the OG 34 exercises in order regularly, my body completely changed... and that’s on TOP of already having an existing contemporary practice!! The OG method rocks... so I am excited to be participating in the 2020 #marchmatness marathon to highlight these fabulous (and challenging!!) movements that Joe was so excited about.

If you're unfamiliar with March Matness, essentially for every day in March, Pilates peeps all over the world highlight a specific exercise from the original matwork for each day of the month, and post it to social media. So it really is a marathon -- particular all the social media posting lol

The original exercises and posting schedule is as follows:

March 1: