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Do you trust your body?

Maybe you’ve never thought about it before!

For some people the answer is a happy “yes”, but for many people, the answer is “no”.

The Oxford dictionary defines trust this way: (noun) firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something; (verb) to believe in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of.

How do you build trust in your body?

It can be a lot like building a trusting relationship with another person.

  1. Learn and build familiarity (e.g. learning about anatomy, movement concepts)

  2. Listen to what your body is telling you

  3. Create positive movement experiences

  4. Look for ways to check in and connect with your body throughout your day or your week

  5. Be honest (i.e. be honest with yourself about how you feel emotionally and physically, what you’re thinking and wanting)

  6. Be reliable and consistent

  7. Show understanding and kindness (how do you speak and think about your body?)

  8. Show respect for boundaries (if your body or mind say no to something, respect and honour that)

  9. Take small, progressive steps

  10. Be patient — these things can take time and you don’t need to rush it

Some other questions you could dwell on:

How does it feel to be around a person you do not trust? What about someone you do trust? How do you compare those feelings to how you feel about your body?


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