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Are you feeling a shift with the seasons?

When seasons shift, you might feel a shift too.

When summer ends, it can make a person evaluate if they accomplished everything they wanted to this year, assessing if they’re “on track”. It can also signal a big shift in people’s energy levels, as demands increase when folks may be going back to work or to school, and things start getting a little darker and colder. That shift might feel a bit more extreme this year than others because of how weird this year has been. We’ve been asking ourselves to adapt and “make it work” more than usual. So if your plans DIDN’T work out this year and you don’t feel “on track”, please don’t be hard on yourself. There is no finish line; there is no clock you’re trying to beat. You’re muddling your way through a pandemic with everyone else. Relax. If you ARE feeling a shift within yourself or a desire for change, you might be in either of these self-care and wellness categories: 1. Feeling ready to put energy into pushing yourself a bit more and getting back into a more structured and disciplined routine. If this is you, that’s awesome. We’re happy to support you showing up for yourself, reaching your strength goals, and feeling the burn. (You might be an Energy Mat or Wild Strength person 😉) 2. Feeling the desire to decompress, ground yourself, and restore your emotional, mental, and physical energy. After pushing yourself for a long while, now might be the right time to take your foot off the gas, reconnect with yourself, and slow down. That is so important and valid. We’re ready to help you settle and breathe, and remind you it’s okay to say no to things that aren’t serving you right now. (You might be a Kind Movement, Reset and Restore, or Grounding Flow person 🤎) Do you identify with either of these categories? How have you been finding the seasonal shift? Did your summer goals go according to plan? Are you a person who makes goals for the fall/winter? We’d love to hear where you’re at!

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