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"Pilates didn't work for me"

If you don’t know much about Pilates, it can be a bit confusing to figure out what to sign up for and where to go. Perhaps you’ve heard Pilates has many benefits, but what’s the difference between a big group class at your gym taught by a personal trainer who took a weekend Pilates certification, an upbeat video on YouTube that’s called “Pilates Thigh Shredder”, or classes taught at a studio that specializes in teaching the Pilates method? The answer is, actually a lot. Sometimes Nadea and I hear people say things like “I tried Pilates, but it didn’t work for me” or “I tried Pilates but it really bugged my back”. Before I really got into Pilates, I heard that is was really good for your core and a very safe form of exercise, so I tried out a big group class at a local gym. During the class, I remember wondering why my neck hurt so much, why my lower back wasn’t happy and I didn’t understand what was going on. So, I empathize with where people are coming from when they say they didn’t have a great initial Pilates experience! Having an experience like that often means you’ve taken a class from a teacher who is heavily fitness-influenced and doesn’t have extensive Pilates training. When we say things like: - “Pilates is about total body control and will make you better at everything you do”, - “Pilates is for every body” - “Pilates will help you reset your posture”, - “Pilates can help you manage your pain” We AREN’T talking about: - Pilates taught by an instructor who was certified in a method that is not reputable.

- Pilates that is heavily fitness influenced and is basically just a bunch of random mat exercises without much to do with the Pilates method. - Following along to a home fitness workout YouTube video, especially when you aren’t very familiar with Pilates yet. It is so important to make sure that you’re being taught by a well-qualified teacher and know what you’re getting yourself into before you start, especially if you’re working with injuries or unique needs. It’s a bit like the difference of getting a massage at an inexpensive hotel spa or getting a massage with an RMT in a reputable clinic setting. They’re both massage therapists.... but who are you going to trust with your body?

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