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Come ye who are clumsy, stiff, and self-conscious

You don’t have to be “a natural” mover to be here. You don’t have to be particularly gifted or physically talented to enjoy movement or exercise, or to benefit from it.

You’re allowed to be average. You’re allowed to be awkward. You’re allowed to be graceless and clunky.

Don’t get me wrong... I love watching intuitive movers do their thing. Natural dancers, rock climbers, gymnasts, martial artists... they’re AWESOME. But I have a special place in my heart for people whose inner monologue sounds more like, “I’m doing my best but I don’t feel elegant and I don’t know what I'm doing”... because I’ve 100% been there, and I feel your pain.

I am not a graceful, intuitive mover by nature. I struggle to dance. I don’t have secret athletic talents. And I have a tough time being ok with looking foolish or awkward. I let that hold me back for a long time, because I felt like I “didn’t belong” in group sports or at the gym. I was intimidated to take classes. Why couldn’t things just be easy and carefree, like they seemed to be for other people?

But here’s the thing: Not moving your body or trying new things doesn’t feel good either. I developed a lot of pain and imbalances. I also had a crappy relationship with my body. Not good. Turns out, when you show up and just go for it (in a safe and welcoming space), it ends up feeling much better... and when you keep it up and you deepen your inner connection to your body, you can build skills you might not come by naturally. And that’s awesome.

So come ye who are clumsy, stiff, and self-conscious but who have dreams of gracefulness. I’ve got your back.

And even if we never become dancers who can effortlessly fling our legs over our heads, we’re going to feel good and kick butt, so it’s all good.

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