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Perfect doesn't exist

I think we all would like to feel like we’re doing things “perfectly”. Wouldn’t that be nice? But the reality is, we’re all just at different degrees of imperfection… Yes, even that person on IG who’s making that advanced Pilates movement look effortless. Trust me: I’m a recovering perfectionist. I feel your pain. I really struggle with doing “badly” at something, let alone doing badly at something publicly. We’re our own worst critics, but it’s definitely true that the world around us is critical too, and that can be a hard current to swim against. But waiting to do something until you’re “perfect” at it is sort of a paradox. You actually CAN’T become “good” (let alone perfect) at something you don’t even attempt. (That concept might make your inner perfectionist scream… mine is lol) It’s also true that some days, you will feel farther from perfect than other days. Does that mean it wasn’t worth showing up? NO. Because exercise doesn’t actually have to be perfect for it to be effective. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try our best. But give yourself a break. As long as your body is safe, it’s going to be okay. A roll up with slightly hunched shoulders is going to be better than a roll up you didn’t do. A teaser with bent knees is better than a teaser you didn’t do. A side kick with slightly askew hip placement is better than a side kick you didn’t even try. Just stretching and moving your body is helpful, even if you felt the movement or exercise was ugly or “wrong”. Movement is meant to be part of your general lifestyle, and Pilates in particular is a practice. It’s organic, fluid, and living. Even if everything you did today was the worst version you’ve ever done in history of forever, there’s already something innately valuable in showing up for yourself and moving your body. So if you’re waiting to show up because you want it to be “perfect” before you start, stop it. Please. Stop. Just show up and do your best, and stop being hard on yourself. And if you would like some friendly support in a welcoming, encouraging zone with a community of people who feel the same, we would love to have you join us in class, where we’ll meet you where you’re at today… imperfections and all.

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