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Please note: To use a package or punch pass, you'll need to purchase it first, and then you can apply it to your booking.


How to apply a coupon discount or punch pass:

1. After you've selected a class to join, started the booking process and filled out the form and waiver (which will already be filled out for you if you have created an account and have successfully booked a class before), at the bottom of your page, you will see "Redeem a Package or Coupon Code" right above the "Pay Now" button.



2. When you click on that, you can put in the coupon code or punch pass code, as demonstrated below (COM10),  and then press "Pay Now >>"



3. From there, your payment information will come up. If you have a punch card or package, no further payment will be needed. If you're using a discount coupon, at the top of the page, it will say "You will be billed CA$XX.00" for the class, which will be the discounted rate.

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