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Booking process for returning clients

Returning clients do not need to repeatedly fill out the comprehensive form and waiver if they choose to set up an account. We try to include a number of reminders throughout the booking process to help you avoid forgetting!


most recent health form reminder.png

The first time you book yourself into a class, you will have to fill out the comprehensive form and then confirm your class. On the confirmation page, you will see the option to register for an account and save your information. You'll be asked to create an email/password combination.

create an account 2
create an account.png

Then, for future bookings, you can log in and access your saved information. Up at the top right of the Acuity booking window, there are the words "Returning? Log in." By signing in, Acuity will remember your booking profile from before, and everything will be saved. Easy!

Having an account with saved information also means that you can adjust and update your health information at any time if your health changes or if your circumstances change.


Unfortunately, if you forgot to create an account the first time you made your booking, we cannot retroactively go in on your behalf and create one for you. We can help you manage your active bookings that are not yet associated with your account and cancel your classes or process payments for you, but only within our regular business hours. You will have to personally fill out the form again and actually create an account if you would like to avoid filling out the form each time.

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