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Community Classes

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You deserve to feel good and take care of yourself.
Wellness should be accessible to everyone.


It's a well-supported fact that exercise, movement, and community support can have an enormous impact on a person's physical and mental health and their quality of life. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to fitness classes or private sessions. Not having access to needed high-quality and supportive exercise coaching can go on to cause more pain, illness, stress, and unhappiness, and it becomes an unhappy cycle. People deserve to feel good!

As studio owners, we try hard to balance the value of our expertise, our services, and our time with accessibility to everyone, and we know that it can be a real challenge for some folks to afford classes, especially private sessions. So we created our Community Classes.

Our Community Classes are available a few times a month on a sliding cost scale, so that you can pay whatever you can -- no questions asked. You can join an online group class or take a 45-minute focussed personal session, either online or in our Whitehorse studio. Our private sessions have a minimum fee of $25 to cover the room rental. You can also always join an online class for free if that's what you need.

All proceeds from our online group Community Classes go to causes we care about, such as our local food banks or animal shelters or the Residential School Survivors Society.

You can book your Community Classes through our booking page. If you have any questions for us, please feel welcome to send us a message or set up a free 15-minute virtual consultation.

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