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Community Classes

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When will you be offering your next group community class?

Short answer: It depends!

We've put our group community classes on hiatus for the last couple of months primarily due to low registration and low engagement. Our teachers' schedules are already extremely full, so it hasn't been practical to put on classes that only one or two people sign up for. It has made more sense for us to let people book a 1:1 at a time that actually works for them rather than us taking a guess at what *might* work for enough people.

If you miss the classes and you would like to see them return, we would love to hear from you about times and styles that appeal to you!

One thing though: Because our teachers are already feeling pretty maxed out with their schedules, they would ideally like to be able to fit in community classes during their regular work hours, and it's not likely that we will be adding a hit-or-miss free class on a weekend. Thanks for understanding!

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