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What can you expect from our virtual classes?

Live + Personalized

Our virtual group classes and personal private Pilates coaching sessions are done through Zoom.

This means that:

  • the classes are personalized to you

  • you can get real feedback

  • you can ask questions

  • we can help you move safely by observing your form and offering modifications and adaptations



If you know you would like to attend all dates for a specific class for a given session (6-8 week period), you have the option to preregister for the class and pay ahead of time for a reduced rate. This means your spot is guaranteed, and you won't need to sign up each week. Any classes you miss due to sickness or emergency will be credited to use toward a make-up class. You can pre-register for your class through our online booking calendar up until the start of the new month, after which only drop-in bookings will be available.

Drop In

Drop in classes are available to people who:

(a) are already Root + Reach clients,

(b) are newcomers to our studio who have done at least one 1:1 session/new client intake (online or in the studio), or

(c) have been personally invited by the instructor.


Because our group classes are progressive (in that they build off each other week by week), they are not a good fit for new people to jump into after the session has already begun.

About Our Online Classes: Welcome
Community Classes


As of May 2023, we are no longer taking international (non-Canadian) clients. We had a decrease in demand for access from outside Canada and reduced our insurance accordingly. We are open to reassessing this if we get enough interest, so please feel welcome to get in touch.

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