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What can you expect from our virtual classes?

Live + Personalized

Our virtual group classes and personal private Pilates coaching sessions are done through Zoom. Root + Reach virtual classes are different from a prerecorded "follow along" workout video... We're actually here to teach YOU and help you have a great, personalized class. For that reason, we keep our classes small so that we can focus on the people joining us... no getting lost in a huge, overwhelming Zoom crowd!

Because our classes are live, that means we can offer you real feedback and you can ask questions like "Where should I be feeling this?" or "Should this be making my back feel weird?" or "What even is a pelvis?" We can give you advice for making a movement more useful for your body, we can keep you safe by watching your form, and we can offer adjustments or modifications for a movement that are going to suit where you're at that day.


Since it's YOUR class and we're here to guide you, we don't typically teach by demonstrating for the whole class. We're actually watching you and guiding you through your workout. We definitely will demonstrate exercises for folks who are new or who are visual learners, but our priority is keeping our eyes on the screen and focussing on showing up for you. This does mean that we recommend having your camera on if possible. If that's not your thing or if you're worried about privacy and other people looking at you, you may like checking out our FAQ: "I feel super awkward about having my camera on. Do I have to?"

How does it work for me to join a class?

When you sign up for a class, you will receive an email from Acuity confirming your booking. The evening before your class (depending how far in advance you book), you will receive an email directly from Root and Reach with the Zoom log-in information and details for your class (such as if you will need any props).

The first time you book yourself into a class, you will have to fill out the comprehensive health form and then confirm your class. On the confirmation page, you will see the option to create an account and save your information. You'll be asked to create an email/password combination. Then, for future bookings, you can log in and access your saved information. Up at the top right of the Acuity booking window, there are the words "Returning? Log in." By signing in, Acuity will remember your booking profile from before, and everything will be saved. Easy!

Having an account with saved information also means that you can adjust and update your health information at any time if your health changes or if your circumstances change.

About Our Online Classes: Welcome

Virtual Community Pilates Classes

We regularly offer the opportunity for people to access our multilevel community Pilates classes with a "pay what you can afford" option, with all proceeds going to causes we care about: the Whitehorse Food Bank, Food Banks BC, our local animal shelters, or the Indian Residential School Survivors Society. Upon checkout, you choose what amount you would like to donate, with the option of attending entirely for free. No questions asked, no pressure, no judgement. We're just happy to have you.


If you know you would like to attend all dates for a specific class for a scheduled period, you have the option to preregister for the class and pay ahead of time for a reduced rate. This means your spot is guaranteed, and you won't need to sign up each week. Any classes you miss due to sickness or emergency will be credited to use toward a make-up class. To preregister for a class, please email us at We'll send you an invoice and payment link and sign you up, and you'll never have to worry about booking yourself in for each class -- it's all taken care of!

Cancellation Policy

Please provide 24-hrs notice if you will need to cancel your class. Classes cancelled prior to 24 hours can be refunded or rescheduled. Classes can be cancelled via phone or email.

Please note that intensives and special events are non-refundable, but we may be able to may alternative arrangements for you so feel welcome to get in touch if you need to cancel.

Community Classes


As of May 2, 2023, we are no longer taking international (non-Canadian) clients. We had a decrease in demand for access from outside Canada and reduced our insurance accordingly. We are open to reassessing this if we get enough interest, so please feel welcome to get in touch.

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