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Thank you for your interest in joining our studio community...We're looking forward to meeting you! In the meantime, please feel welcome to hop on our new client intake request waitlist.

Please take the time to read any applicable notes before filling out the intake request form below.

Please keep in mind that our studio is not like a lot of other group fitness studios or gyms, in that our primary focus is working with individual clients on a regular basis to build consistent, progressive, personalized Pilates practices. Because 99% of our existing clients already have regular weekly spots, our calendar is not usually very flexible and it may take time for your preferred timeslots to open. We take in new clients only when we fully have the time and space to dedicate to your process and progress.

If you have questions, you are welcome to get in touch via email or text and we may be able to set up a free 15-minute consultation (online, phone, or in person) on request.

If you are already on our waitlist, you do not need to reapply.

How long is the waitlist? We currently have about 20 people already waiting for 1:1 sessions. How long you're waiting on the list will in large part depend on what specific time slots you might be interested in as well as how often you're hoping to come. We also prioritize clients who are dealing with health conditions, surgical recovery, chronic or acute pain, or complex conditions. If you're hoping for single or casual appointments, we may have more flexibility to fit you in on an irregular basis. Evening appointments are the most heavily requested, and we currently have about 5+ people already waiting for those specific timeslots, and we likely will not have evening availability until sometime in 2024. Because most of our clients have standing weekly appointments and our weekly calendars are already 100% full with our regular clients, any availability will depend on our regulars giving up their sessions or travelling or one of our teachers adding new hours.

Hours of operation Our studio is open Monday to Friday, and we are always closed on weekends and holidays. Our earliest appointment time is generally 9:00 a.m. and our latest appointment time is 5:30 p.m., though Nadea has some availability as early as 8:30 a.m. on Wednesdays. We will never have early morning availability.

"I am interested in group mat classes" Our group mat classes are offered four times a week and are only for four people at a time (maximum). They are usually attended by studio clients who already have regular 1:1 practices. For newcomers who are only interested in group mat classes, our policy is to require at least a single 60-minute 1:1 initial assessment and movement session with one of our instructors prior to joining a group class, though the group class instructor may feel comfortable waiving that policy in certain circumstances. Nadea will not be teaching any additional weekly matwork classes. Mykaela really enjoys teaching duets and group classes and she is maintaining a list of interested folks, so please feel welcome to let us know if you would like to join a future class with her.

"I am looking for group reformer/apparatus classes" That's not something we will be able to offer at any point, sorry! Our studio is little and we do not have the physical space for equipment group classes, nor do we have the budget to invest in so many expensive pieces of equipment. We enjoy focussing on 1:1 sessions or limited groups, and we plan to keep our studio small. We do offer 45-minute duet classes (and packages) for two people at a time with our two reformers, and you can find more information on that on our "Whitehorse Studio" page.

"I specifically want to work with Nadea" Nadea does not have availability to take on any new regular clients right now. Her waitlist priority will go to folks with referrals (from other clients, medical professionals, etc), pregnant/postpartum mothers, folks in acute pain, and folks with complex needs. You are always welcome to join the waitlist hoping to work with her specifically, but you may be waiting for some time. Exceptions may be made for folks in acute pain or folks who are only looking for short-term appointments, so feel welcome to add that note to your waitlist form. Nadea only teaches on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, so she will never have weekend, Monday, or Tuesday availability. She will never have evening availability. Nadea will not be teaching any additional matwork classes and she is not teaching any duets. Mykaela really enjoys teaching duets and group classes and she is maintaining a list of interested folks, so please feel welcome to let us know if you would like to join a future class with her.

"I am interested in doing Pilates to lose weight." We've seen this goal mentioned on a number of waitlist forms so far, so we want to address it right off the bat: While Pilates is excellent for building strength, flexibility, and body connection, it is not an effective weight-loss method. Plenty of very strong and fit humans who have longstanding and robust Pilates practices are in larger bodies, including our studio instructors. Root + Reach Pilates is specifically a body and weight-neutral studio. We focus on how our bodies feel, not on how they look or what size they are. We believe that taking care of yourself, challenging yourself, nourishing yourself, and enjoying your life don’t need to be linked with your appearance or body size at all. We believe you can be healthy, happy, and strong no matter what body you’re in. If weight loss is your primary goal and if you want coach who is going to encourage you with that, Pilates classes at Root + Reach are not going to be helpful in that regard. If nourishing your zest for life and helping your body feel strong, capable, comfortable, and connected — regardless of what you look like — are primary motivators for you, then we’re the right studio for you!

Join our waitlist

You're now on our waitlist! We will send you an email when an appointment time becomes available, so keep an eye on your junk mail folder. Please feel welcome to get in touch if you have any questions!


You are always welcome to give us a call or send us a text or email or direct message if you'd like some assistance with getting on our waitlist!

Due to our full teaching hours throughout the day, we are rarely available by phone without prior appointment.

+1 (867) 794-2899 (phone call or text message; ​please note that our phone number is web-based and it may be necessary for you to include the 1 when phoning or texting us)

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