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Birch + Spruce Membership
Terms + Conditions

Birch memberships are for clients with a standing weekly 60-minute private session. Spruce memberships are for clients with a standing 45-minute private session.

By setting up a Birch or Spruce membership, you are claiming a specific consistent weekly time slot as your own, and you will "own" that slot until you decide to cancel your membership.

Clients with Birch and Spruce memberships will be given priority and advance booking for group matwork and private session appointments, and they will receive 25% off the regular session rate ($90/60-minute session and $64/45-minute session) and a discount for group mat classes.

Scheduling your membership classes:
To schedule your membership classes for a designated time period or "session" (usually one or two months at a time), Root + Reach's studio admin team will contact you in advance to confirm your bookings with you, at which point you will be able to let us know if you will be travelling or if you will need to miss one of your regular dates, and then we can offer that opening on that date for other people to fill in for you.

Please note: If you find that you are not personally able to make most of your designated time slots, you may no longer qualify for a membership.

Incorporating your vacation into your membership session booking:

Before confirming your bookings, we can incorporate a “pause” if you are going to be away for an extended period but you would still like to hold your “ownership” of your personal time slot. For such a pause, we require a minimum of two consecutive weeks and a maximum of six. If your vacation is beyond six weeks, your membership spot will be lost and offered to the next person on the list. If your travel period only has one appointment affected at a time, it does not qualify for a pause.


Cancelling or rescheduling membership classes:
Once you have agreed to your membership session bookings for a given session, those classes cannot be cancelled or rescheduled, other than appointments missed due to emergency circumstances (still applying our 24-hr cancellation cut-off), which can be credited toward a future session or rescheduled (if possible).

Examples of emergency circumstances: a death in the family, emergency medical travel, an accident, severe injury that requires bedrest and for which your Pilates teacher cannot adapt/modify your program, mental health crisis

As a trial, while we roll out this new membership process, we're going to offer *one* sickness-related or non-emergency cancellation request per session, which we can credit toward a future session. While we can always attempt to reschedule within the same session, please be aware that our calendars are already fully committed and so our flexibility is quite limited and we cannot guarantee that rescheduling will be an option.

If you realize that you will need to miss one of your pre-confirmed classes, you can send us a message and we will attempt to offer that appointment time to someone on the cancellation waitlist. The more notice you can give us, the better the likelihood is that we will be able to find a replacement. If someone does indeed take your space, then we can offer you an equivalent credit for a future session's preregistration. We can also attempt to offer you an alternative time during the same week, if possible.


Extra instructions:

Please do NOT press the "cancel" button in your reminder emails, as this will not successfully cancel your class and it will only create unnecessary administrative complications. Your membership classes are booked and paid for collectively as a single appointment, and pressing "cancel" will attempt to cancel ALL of your membership classes simultaneously. Your single cancellation opportunity per session is a direct request that is processed by our admin team in our booking system and financial records at the end of the session period. If you know that you will need to miss a class and you let us know, we will mark down on your calendar booking that you will be away and we will not be expecting you, but you will still always get booking reminders for your regular timeslot.

You can view our studio's standard cancellation policy (including our lateness and illness policies) here.

Termination of your membership:
If you need to cancel your membership, we require 2 weeks' notice before the upcoming session so that we can give enough notice to the next person on the waitlist who would like to claim your spot. Failure to give us 2 weeks' notice will result in a cancellation fee of $180 for Birch memberships (2 Birch appointment fees) and $130 for Spruce memberships. To cancel your membership, please send us written notice via email to

Root + Reach reserves the right to discontinue your sessions based on schedule demand or commercial interests of the studio or your fit with the studio culture.

No refunds, transfers, suspensions, or extensions are offered due to illness, injury, change of address or any other reason.

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