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- Updated April 2023 -

We want our studio to be a safe and comfortable space
(physically and emotionally) for everyone who visits.
We always want you to leave your class feeling even better
than when you came in. 

For studio sessions:

Our main priorities are to follow all lawful health and safety requirements and to keep a comfortable, respectful, and safe space for everyone in our studio.

With that in mind:

1. Do not come in if you are sick or if you have been around anyone who is sick.

2. We do not require you to wear a mask while in the public areas of the clinic or studio or while exercising. Your instructor will likely be unmasked, though we are very happy to mask if you are more comfortable with that. We do keep disposable medical masks at the ready.

3. Please clean your hands upon entering the studio.

4. Do not come in if you've been requested by the authorities to self-isolate.

5. We are not currently requiring proof of vaccination as it is not legally required for us to do so at this point in time.

6. Please be respectful of other people's boundaries and feelings. Your mats are already spaced away from others, but we'd like to keep everyone feeling safe and secure, and not everyone has the same comfort levels.

7. You can definitely opt out of hands-on cuing and correction from your teacher. Your teacher reserves the right to maintain physical distancing if they're concerned for their own safety. Your teacher will sanitize their hands between any and all physical contact with individual clients.

8. All of our equipment and props are thoroughly sanitized with bleach or soap solution between each and every use; no props are reused without being cleaned. Soft props (handles, towels, bolster covers, yoga straps) are regularly  laundered.

9. All surfaces are sanitized throughout the day and between each class and appointment.

10. Your teacher commits to never coming in if they are at all sick with any symptoms associated with COVID-19.

11. We commit to informing you if we have any cause for concern regarding exposure or community transmission of COVID-19.

12. Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your appointment or class starts and wait outside the studio doors or in the waiting area for your teacher to let you into the studio or mat room.

13. If you've recently been travelling, we don't require you to wait to come in but it may be wise to keep an eye out for any symptoms and remember to give us at least 24-hours notice before cancelling your appointment.


For home sessions:

1. The day before your session, your instructor will be in contact with you to ensure that no one in your household has any symptoms of illness, has not been in contact with anyone who has symptoms of illness. Before your instructor enters your home, they will ask about these factors again to make sure nothing has changed.

2. You instructor will never come to an appointment at your home if they or anyone in their household has symptoms of illness or has made contact with anyone with symptoms.

3. Your instructor will sanitize their hands upon entering your home and any equipment they bring into your home will be cleaned/sanitized.

4. Please sanitize you hands upon your instructor’s arrival.

5. Please let us know if there will be other people in the space with us. It's helpful for us to know what to expect, especially if there are going to be close quarters.

6. Your instructor will wear a mask, and we request that you wear one as well.

7. Your instructor will touch as little as possible in your home and everything they bring into your house will be sanitized upon their leaving.

8. Your instructor will sanitize their hands upon leaving.

COVID-19 policies: Text
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