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About our studio group mat classes

Our mat classes are held in our small four-person mat room at our main studio on Second Avenue.

The full address of our studio:
2099 2nd Ave, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1B5 (second floor, in Be Well Massage Therapy)


Classes are $25 per 60-minute class (or $22 for those with studio memberships) and $22 per 45-minute class (or $20 for those with studio memberships). We currently only offer pre-registered classes (full commitment to and prepayment for all class dates within the session), with some availability for drop ins if we have extra room or if there are cancellations. If you would like to join our cancellation waitlist, you can do so here.


When you pre-register for your class, you are paying in advance for all offerings in that class. If you know you will be away for certain dates, you can let us know and we will offer the spot to anyone who may be on the waitlist. If someone fills in for you, we will refund you for that particular class at the end of the month.

If you are are new to our in-person Whitehorse studio, we require you to do at least one 1:1 initial assessment before joining a group matwork class.


If you need to miss a class at the last minute due to COVID concerns, we will waive our cancellation policy and only charge 50%. If your teacher needs to miss a class that you’ve already pre-paid for, you will have the option to either be credited or to receive a refund.

Why do you only offer preregistration? Teaching Pilates is our instructors' primary means of earning a living, so we need to be able to plan ahead and know whether or not a group class offering is viable. Offering drop-in classes is not affordable for our business. Our studio is small, so our class sizes are modest, and we don't have the option of over-booking or over-filling a class the way a larger studio or group fitness center would, and every booking (or last-minute cancellation) makes a big difference. We need to have a minimum of four clients in every class in order for a class offering to be viable, otherwise we are running the class at a loss -- especially because we try to keep our group class rates affordable and competitive, even though they are actually more like semi-private personal training sessions. Additionally, preregistration is better for our clients! When we know for sure who is coming and when you commit to multiple weeks of classes in a row, we can really help you make measurable progress toward your goals, and we can get to know your body's unique needs and strengths.

How do memberships work? Memberships are for folks who are very committed to their Pilates practice and who want to supplement their practice with 1:1 personalized training and guidance using the studio equipment (reformers, chair, springs, etc). Folks with memberships get a discount on group classes as well as priority booking. At this time, we are at capacity for memberships and are not offering new ones for the forseeable future. You can find more information about our memberships on our Studio Rates & Packages page.

Tips for booking your class:

  • When you are preregistering, you don’t need to book in for each date; our program is set so that once you book one class, you’re automatically signed up for all of them. PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL for any individual dates you will miss your class, because that will cancel all of your collective bookings. Just alert us that you will be away and we'll take it from there.

  • Make sure your time zone (near the top of the booking window) is set to “Mountain Time - Whitehorse” to avoid confusion in your booking emails.

  • The health form and waiver is quite comprehensive and somewhat long, so to avoid needing to fill it out again in the future, we strongly encourage you to choose the option to “create an account” on your final confirmation page (section 3 of the booking process) so that all your information is saved.

  • In order to book your class through our Acuity booking system, you do need to have a valid credit card number on file. If that doesn’t work for you, let us know and we can see about making alternative arrangements.

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