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Update to Rates, Packages & Memberships for November 2022

As this season comes to a close and winter approaches, we have taken the chance to sit down and review our studio’s pricing.


No matter where you live, it’s impossible for anyone not to notice how costs have been relentlessly rising in all aspects of life in the last year. With that in perspective, we’ve decided to make some small adjustments to our pricing for our memberships and packages as well as our online class rates, all of which have been heavily discounted until now and have not been adjusted since this time last year. Our standard single-session rate for 1:1 sessions (online or virtual) is not increasing, nor is our in-person mat class rate. We've done our best to keep the adjustments as minimal as we possibly can.


We truly appreciate having you here in our Pilates community and we want to continue to offer our best to everyone who comes to our studio or joins us online. Our primary goal with these adjustments is to sustainably serve our community as a small business in a challenging economy.


These adjustments will take effect on November 1, 2022.


Folks with memberships will have time to run their numbers and decide whether or not they would like to continue with their memberships or if they would like to opt out before then.


As always, we are ready to help answer any questions and to hear your thoughts or concerns, so please feel welcome to send us a message or email.

Online Classes
Adjusted Online Drop In

Rates and Punch Passes:

  • 60-minute class drop in: $18

  • 45-minute class drop in: $16

  • 5-punch pass (300 minutes): $85

  • 10-punch pass (600 minutes): $160

Studio Packages

Packages expire after 6 months and are non-refundable after one month and/or once they have been used for at least one session.

  • 4 60-minute private sessions for $380  (instead of $440)

  • 10 60-minute private sessions for $900 (instead of $1100; with the option to pay in instalments)

  • 4 45-minute private sessions for $300 (instead of $340)

  • 10 45-minute private sessions for $640 (instead of $850; with the option to pay in instalments)

Studio Memberships

Memberships are set up as a monthly subscription that will continually renew until you choose to cancel it (for the upcoming month). Clients with memberships are given priority and advance booking for group matwork and private session appointments.


  • Aspen membership: $90/month (plus $22/weekly mat class)

  • Birch membership: $360/month (60-minute weekly session, with option to add more for $90/60-minute session)

  • Spruce membership: $256/month (45-minute weekly session, with option to add more for $64/45-minute session)

Community Private Sessions

Everyone deserves to feel their best, no matter what their circumstances are! As studio owners, we try hard to balance the value of our expertise, our education and training, our services, our studio space and equipment, our prep time, and our teaching time with ensuring that our services are accessible to everyone in our community.


We've been happy to offer our accessible private sessions (online and in our studio) for the past year. They are being well-used, which is great to see.


Starting in November, we will be ever so slightly raising the minimum private community class donation to $25 to help cover the cost of room rental, while your teacher will still be fully donating her time for your session.


The online group variation of our community classes will remain without adjustment.

If you have questions about how we arrive at our rates, you may appreciate checking out our recent blog post.


You are always welcome to give us a call or send us an email or direct message if you'd like some assistance with getting on our waitlist!

We recommend choosing email over phone, as it's easier for us to get back to you between clients and classes.

(867) 332-5567

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