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Pilates Trivia (March Matness 2023)

Update: Our winner has been drawn and contacted through email! Thank you so much to everyone who participated.

Fill out your answers below to be entered to win a magic circle. Your quiz is worth 5 entries.

You don't need to get the answers right for your entry to be counted (and nobody will think less of you if you know none of the answers), but if you DO get them all right, you'll get an additional 2 entries.

If you post any photos or videos of yourself doing some matwork and tag us in your post, each post will also be worth an entry.

We'll do our draw on March 31st!

This quiz is open to anyone, anywhere -- we will be happy to ship your circle to you!

Test your Pilates knowledge!
2. Joe was a...
6. Which one of these exercises was not included in the original classical matwork from Return to Life?
7. Which one of these is Joe’s idea of the “correct” order of exercises in Return to Life through Contrology?
Bonus Questions

Thanks for participating!

Want to know how you did?

Click below to see the correct answers! 1. Germany 2. (b) boxer 3. Clara 4. Contrology 5. New York City 6. (a) mermaid 7. (e)

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