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"Where do your photos come from? Who takes them?"

With the exception of old photos of Joseph Pilates and his work, all the photos we use on our website and our social media are ours!

Besides being a great Pilates teacher, Mykaela is also a beautiful photographer, and her artistic work can be found on her Instagram, Give her a follow! A lot of the closeup photos of nature and some photos of Iceland and the Canadian pacific coast are her creations.

A lot of our stunning nature photos and panoramas (and photos of Nadea and her studio) are the work of Nadea's husband, Rylee Knodel, who is a talented amateur photographer. He doesn't have an Instagram or website, and we keep telling him he should get one... But for now, we love being able to feature his photos of the Yukon, British Columbia, and Alaska.

We also are privileged to have some very talented photographer friends, including Kacie McColm and Jinnice Sebastian, whose work is also often featured on our website and social media. Give them a follow as well!

If you would like more information or if you would like to use the photos you've seen here, let us know!

Mykaela at work
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