Join us in person

If you're looking to join us in person, you have options, and we would love to have you.

In Whitehorse, we have our own boutique Pilates studio where Nadea teaches privates, duets, and small group matwork classes.

In Victoria, Mykaela teaches group and private Pilates classes on the reformers, springs, mat (and soon Pilates chair!) through the lovely Stretch Collective.

You can also inquire about setting up personal Pilates classes with us in your own home, if that's more appropriate for your current needs.

Group Events

Want to have us teach Pilates at your next retreat, staff development day, or another event? Send us an email!


November 2020

After assessing the current situation in Yukon and in BC, all in-person Root and Reach Pilates sessions will require masks to be worn by both teachers and clients for the foreseeable future. We truly appreciate how adaptable and cooperative all of our clients have been so far — you’re stars!

We do want to take the time to explain our decision more thoroughly for those who may bristle a bit at the idea of wearing a mask in any fitness class or gym (not just ours):

We do fully acknowledge and respect that the WHO released guidelines early on during the pandemic that don’t recommend exercising with a mask on. Some folks are using those guidelines to justify their right to attend a group fitness class without a mask (as we’ve been seeing in folks’ reactions to local gyms and fitness centres making masks mandatory).

We would like to point out that attending group classes or going to the gym in any capacity is a privilege that we’re grateful to have at the moment, and that it is better to be able to exercise safely (with some inconvenience) rather than not at all.

Our first priority is keeping all our valued clients safe and healthy, and that’s even more imperative with a pandemic happening.

We know that not everyone is going to be well-suited to working out with a mask on. That’s completely understandable and valid, whether the reason is physical or psychological.

The pandemic is a bummer. (understatement of the year)

But risking the health of others or yourself shouldn’t really be on the table.

If you need (or just prefer) to work out sans mask, we’d like to take this opportunity to remind you that virtual classes ARE a great option for pursuing your personal health and fitness goals. They’re also a real way to stay connected to others in a “group” setting while staying safe.

The feedback we’ve had about our online classes has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re so proud to say that we’ve had clients stick with us right from the spring until now — even when in-person classes have been an option for them in recent months — because they genuinely enjoy their online classes with us. We have new folks joining us all the time. That’s flattering and encouraging, but more importantly, it’s a good indicator that “virtual” doesn’t necessarily mean “second best” or “consolation prize”. 

You can work out AND keep yourself and others safe.

Whether that means doing Pilates with us with a mask on, or doing it at home through a virtual connection, we’re so happy to have you join us and help you to move better and feel better.

Thank you for continuing to do Pilates with us, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in your next class!