Join us in person

If you're looking to join us in person, you have options, and we would love to have you.

In Whitehorse, we have our own boutique Pilates studio where Nadea teaches privates, duets, and small group matwork classes.

In Victoria, Mykaela teaches group and private Pilates classes on the reformers, springs, mat (and soon Pilates chair!) through the lovely Stretch Collective.

You can also inquire about setting up personal Pilates classes with us in your own home, if that's more appropriate for your current needs.

Group Events

Want to have us teach Pilates at your next retreat, staff development day, or another event? Send us an email!


August 2021

Both Yukon and BC have lifted their indoor mask mandates, and this brings mixed feelings for many of us. Understandably, some are eager to be done with masks while others are apprehensive about possible risks. 

The clinic in which our Yukon studio is located has made the decision to require masks in the common area between our individual rooms, as we are a collective of allied health practitioners and we want to show consideration for our vulnerable community members.


Please arrive no sooner than 5 minutes before your appointment or class starts and wait outside for us to let you in. Please be prepared to wear your mask to and from your mat or to and from our studio room. If you realize that you've forgotten your mask at home, no worries -- I'll still have one for you to use!


The entire clinic will be maintaining its mandatory COVID symptom screening, and the clinic as a whole will have a zero-tolerance policy for any symptoms of illness or contact with anyone with symptoms of illness.  

You still aren't required to wear a mask while you're working out on your mat, which is spaced away from other people in your class. In private and duet sessions, you don't have to wear a mask while you're in my studio room. We will not be requiring proof of vaccination in order to participate in our classes, but your vaccination status and whether or not you choose to wear a mask while you exercise may impact whether or not you receive hands-on correction or feedback during your session.

We want our studio to be a safe and comfortable space (physically and emotionally) for everyone who visits. We always want you to leave your class feeling even better than when you came in. 


As instructors, we see many different people in a day and we feel we have a responsibility to do our utmost to avoid any unnecessary risk of transmission between our clients and their families. As such, we will personally continue to wear our masks at all times when folks are in the clinic, and we will be maintaining our thorough sanitizing regimen. All props and surfaces (including the soft props like the foam blocks and yoga straps) are thoroughly sanitized between every single use and our sanitation process has been approved by the health and safety inspector. 


As Yukon and BC gradually transition to (hopefully) post-pandemic normalcy, we encourage you to please keep in mind that those around you in the studio will be transitioning at their own pace and for their own reasons, and not everyone will be comfortable with our new mask-free situation. We encourage you to please be gentle, respectful, and kind as you consider those around you. Please continue to give others their space and be mindful of their respective boundaries. It may be gracious if you choose to continue to wear your mask in the shared clinic spaces while you are off your mat.


We will be keeping a watchful eye on our community and and the atmosphere in class. If things change or if it becomes apparent that things aren’t feeling safe, we will reassess the studio policies.


If you have questions or concerns about the clinic’s policy or our studio's chosen approach, we do welcome your feedback and we're happy to listen to your thoughts. If you are too uncomfortable with these developments, we completely understand and respect your feelings. You may prefer to keep up with your Pilates practice virtually or via private sessions that can be more easily controlled.


We truly appreciate your ongoing patience and kindness as we navigate this complicated and ever-changing situation, and we're looking forward to continuing to help you feel your best and strongest!

- Nadea + Mykaela