Group Class Descriptions

Not sure where to start?

We are happy to have you book a free consultation with us so we can suggest a good group class for you!

If you're a new client (online or in person), we strongly recommend doing at least one private session before joining a regular group class. Our most beginner-friendly classes are our Kind Movement and Pilates Reset classes (currently online only). Sunshine Pilates may be a reasonable fit for some newcomers after a one-on-one session or two.


Sunshine Pilates

(Open level)

Online: Monday 8:00 a.m. PST with Mykaela (45 minutes)

Currently on hiatus; contact us to be placed on our waitlist

This is an open-level Pilates class beginning with a mindful and peaceful 20-minute stretch and warm up, leading into a zesty 40-minute Pilates workout. It is designed to be the perfect start to your day – a slow wake up, leaving you feeling strong and energized for whatever lays ahead.


Grounding Pilates Flow

(Level 2+)

In-Person (Whitehorse): Monday 6:30 p.m with Nadea our 2nd Avenue studio

In this class, we will find fluidity, strength, and control so you can feel grounded and refreshed at the end of your day. We recommend having some Pilates experience for this class, as it will be taught at an intermediate level (level 2).


Pilates Reset

(Open level; beginner friendly)

Online: Tuesday 6:30 p.m. PST/YT with Nadea and Mykaela  (45 minute)

This class is designed to energize you, stretch out some tight muscles, and help reset your posture. Think of it as a tune-up for your body -- preventative maintenance to ensure that you keep feeling your best and moving well.


This class flows back and forth between Pilates, mobility and balance exercises and some mindful stretching. You will feel moments of challenge and moments of peace, leaving you refreshed and more in tune with your body. This is our most accessible and beginner-friendly multilevel class.


Maternity Matwork

(Open level)

Currently on hiatus; contact us to be placed on our waitlist

This class is for new moms or moms to be. Please get in touch with us before signing up for your first class so that we can make sure we're able to meet your needs.

Our focus in this class includes: happy diaphragmatic breathing and maintaining a healthy pelvic floor; keeping your core strong in a way that works best for your body's current needs; upper body strengthening; spinal mobility and preventing back pain; improving balance; and learning to control your increased flexibility.

This class is programmed for prenatal moms in their first or early second trimesters and postnatal moms who are 8 weeks (or longer) postnatal and who are already up and about without complications. There is no cut off for how far you are postnatal -- even if you had your little one over a year ago, you're still welcome to come if you feel you will benefit!

Screen Shot 2020-04-12 at 9.14.14 AM.png

Energy Mat

(Level 3)

In-Person (Whitehorse): Friday 12:00 p.m. YST with Nadea at our 2nd Avenue studio

Online: Friday 12:00 p.m. YST with Nadea (Blended with in-person)

A good understanding of basic Pilates principles is necessary for this zesty class. Pilates level 2-3 is for people who are familiar with Pilates and are looking for a challenging but refreshing flow of strength. In this class, you will be taken through a lot of the original matwork and your body control, fortitude, and balance will be tested, and we will continue to progress through the classic matwork to build an advanced practice over time. We want to leave you feeling stretched out, fluid, and strong, moving with “spontaneous zest and pleasure” for the rest of your day. This is our most challenging and athletically paced class.


Rise + Thrive

(Level 2-3)

Online: Wednesday 7:00 a.m. YST with Nadea (blended with in-person); Thursday 9:00 a.m. YST with Nadea

In-Person (Whitehorse): Wednesday 7:00 a.m with Nadea at our 2nd Avenue studio

This is a challenging and progressive class with the primary goal of helping intermediate students build the strength and specific skills needed to advance their practice. By developing a deeper understanding of the work in your own body, advanced exercises will soon make sense and not seem so unattainable. Start your day with mindful and positive movement, leaving you feeling refreshed and strong. This class is well-suited to advanced students, and intermediate students looking to progress their practice (level 2-3).

Kind Movement.png

Kind Movement

Occasionally offered as a community class

This class is a combination of Pilates, stretching, release work and gentle movement. It is designed to help you check in with yourself, release tight muscles and fascia, and wind down for your evening. Kind Movement is taught at a level 1, so if you are new to Pilates or you would like to relax and move at a mild pace, this class may be what you’re looking for!