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Checking for interest
for future group classes

We would love to hear from you which of these proposed classes you would be interested in signing up for in the future, and if you have any requests or feedback you'd like to pass along! By filling out this form, you will be given advance access to the classes of your choice before booking opens for the general public.

New Client Intake for Pilates Roots: Preregistration Only

All of our regular classes are offered through preregistration only (fully committed sign-up, no cancellations) for a session at a time (6-8 weeks or a 2-month period), unless there are extra mats left available for casual drop in. Our classes are not designed for casual drop in. They are set up so that the people who are preregistered are able to get high-quality individualized support and progressively reach their movement goals week by week, so we run our classes by the "session" (like a school semester).


While these new classes get established, we will need a minimum of 3 people per class for the next session for the class to be considered viable.

About Our In-Studio Group Mat Classes Our four-person mat classes are held in our boutique studio in the Marwell Industrial Area. Classes are $25 per 60-minute class and $22 per 45-minute class. We only offer preregistered classes (full commitment to and prepayment for all class dates within the session), with some availability for drop ins if we have extra room or if there are cancellations. When you preregister for your class, you are paying in advance for all offerings in that class. If you know you will be away for certain dates, you can let us know and we will offer the spot to anyone who may be on the waitlist. If someone fills in for you, we will refund you for that particular class at the end of the month. If you need to miss a class at the last minute due to COVID concerns, we will waive our cancellation policy and only charge 50%. If your teacher needs to miss a class that you’ve already pre-paid for, you will have the option to either be credited or to receive a refund.

"Why do you only offer preregistration and not casual drop in?" Teaching Pilates is our instructors' primary means of earning a living, so we need to be able to plan ahead and know whether or not a group class offering is viable. Offering drop-in classes is not affordable for our business. Our studio is small, so our class sizes are modest, and we don't have the option of over-booking or over-filling a class the way a larger studio or group fitness center would, and every booking (or last-minute cancellation) makes a big difference. We need to have a minimum of four clients in every class in order for a class offering to be viable, otherwise we are running the class at a loss -- especially because we try to keep our group class rates affordable and competitive, even though they are actually more like semi-private personal training sessions. Additionally, preregistration is better for our clients! When we know for sure who is coming and when you commit to multiple weeks of classes in a row, we can really help you make measurable progress toward your goals, and we can get to know your body's unique needs and strengths.

Review the class descriptions and times below and then let us know which ones you would like to apply for.

Proposed NEW classes  (starting March 2024)


Pilates Roots (5:15 p.m. for 45 minutes with Mykaela)

Whitehorse Studio (In person)

(New client intake for already existing class)

Pilates Roots is a down-to-earth and moderately paced class programmed for beginner Pilates students or for folks who would like to take things back to basics. We will help you work on body awareness and build up your strength and mobility in a cozy, welcoming environment.

$22 per class - in person only

No times set; looking for interest

Kind Movement  (30-minute community class with Jinnice)

Online only

This gentle and welcoming class is designed to provide you with 30 minutes of thoughtful self-care through accessible movement, mindfulness, and breathwork.

Jinnice is gentle, thoughtful, empathetic instructor who is passionate about helping humans of all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds to connect with movement and their bodies' individual needs as a form of self-care that is enjoyable, accessible, nurturing, organic, and welcoming. She has a special place in her heart for people who are new to movement or who may often feel out of place or intimidated in a fitness environment.


If you've been needing or looking for classes that are slow, thoughtful, gentle, peaceful, and personalized that you can do from the comfort and peaceful security of your own home for about 30-minute periods, Jinnice is going to be the perfect teacher for you. Her classes are going to be truly "beginner-friendly" and the extra focus on breathwork is going to be so valuable for so many of our clients -- even the very strong, athletic movers.

Kind Movement is Jinnice's first class as a newly certified teacher so, while she is completing her training and finding her feet, she will be offering her online Kind Movement classes free of charge. She welcomes everyone's feedback, thoughts, and support while she finds her voice as a group instructor.

30 minutes; free

Which classes would you like to put your name down for?
This isn't a formal registration. We will contact you when we're ready for sign-up.

Thank you! We'll let you know as soon as we can which classes we're offering and send you a booking invitation.

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